Insect Pests Checklist

Recognising the damage, identifying the cause and the insect responsible.

Textiles The Pest Adults
Holes in woollen materials. Causes the damage. Often seen in early summer.

*  Ragged 'messy' holes with silk-like threads and pinhead size balls of frass (the same colour as the fabric).

Webbing clothes moth larvae - small, white larvae with dark heads. Small, silvery-gold moths often running over the material.

*  Ragged holes some 'frass' often small, cream-coloured pupae cases.

Case-bearing clothes moth larvae, white with dark heads. As above, but darker wings.

*   Small ragged holes, no frass often 'cast skins; (small, bristly brown shells).

Carpet beetle larvae (woolly bears) - small brown hairy larvae, quite active. Small, oval beetles (like tiny ladybirds) with coloured patterning.
*   As above. 2-spot carpet beetle larvae as above, but with long bristly 'tail'. Small, shiny, black oval beetle with two white spots on its back.
Paper and Books    

Grazed areas on paper based materials.

*   Grazed areas on paper with small holes, minute teeth marks visible around holes. Silverfish.  Small, thin silvery fast-moving insects. Avoid the light. Associated with damp, dark areas.

*   Grazed areas on paper and bindings.

Book lice.  Pinhead sized grey-brown insects.  Fast moving and avoid light. As above.

*   Small (2-3mm) holes with pale insides. Often pale, gritty frass coming out.

Furniture beetle (woodworm) larvae.  Seldom seen. Small, brown, slim beetles (4-6mm long) with grooved wing cases and hooded head.

*   Large (4mm) holes in oak, often with reddish, gritty frass.

Deathwatch beetle larvae.  Seldom seen. Smallish, fat beetles, grey-brown with lighter patches on wing cases and hooded head.  Often found on the floor below oak beams etc.

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